So I have been given the official “spiritual” kick in the butt (with Love of course) to start using my gifts.

I am a Reiki healer, so if anyone is in need of some distance healing please send me an email, tweet, Facebook post, however you choose but please include at least your first name, city you’re in, and what your need may be.  It can be for physical healing, mental healing, or just an energy boost.  Also just let me know what time works for you and be open to the energy when it comes.

All I ask in return is to please respond back and let me know how well I helped.

I’m very excited about my next big step and am looking forward to taking it with you.

Thank you all in advance


What inspires you? This is often a tough question to answer. Money, power, fame, the list can go on and on.

But Why take the time to inspire others? I bet your saying, I have a hard enough time inspiring myself much less someone else, right?

Well today Im going to challenge you with this blog. Go out and inspire someone today. It doesn’t have to be much and it takes very little effort, but the benefits are huge.

Here is one of my experiences with inspiration. One day I was reading one of the tweets from the Dalai Lama. He stated “When I wake in the morning I make a wish to be useful to others.”

One lady tweeted back and asked “But what happens when everyone around you is a jerk?”

I responded to her tweet by saying “be useful to them anyway. You are responsible for you, not them”.

It was simple and easy advice but a little bit of inspiration no less.

I was happy to receive back from her a tweet stating “This is the best advice/reply. Thank you”

My inspiration had returned to me, and what a rush. If the government knew how well this feeling was; they would tax or outlaw it.

But seriously, it proved the universal law of cause and effect, that what you send out always comes back to you. Often times in greater amounts.  To be inspired we have to inspire others first.

So go out and be someones inspiration today. Its a contagious thing, but you will be glad that you did.

Please comment and tell me about your stories of inspiration.

I had a wonderful experience today in Des Moines. The Heart Shrine Relic tour was here for three days and I had the opportunity to attend one of the three days. Thousands stood in long lines for just the chance to see these rare relics.

The relics consisted of cremated remains from the Buddha himself and several Buddhist masters.

The process consisted of removing ones shoes once the line was closer to the actual relics.

After that you had the opportunity to write in the Sangahata Sutra using gold ink. The Sangahata Sutra is a Mahayana Buddhist scripture that promises to transform all that read it.

Next was a meditation area (if you so desired).

Then was the Buddha Bath Offering which I found very interesting. The ceremony consisted of pouring water over the left shoulder of a Buddha statue three times, with each bathing you recited these three phrases. 1St, “May I eliminate all negative thoughts”. 2Nd, “May I cultivate good deeds”. And 3rd, “May I help save all living things”. The guide at this station explained that this ceremony is to help open our hearts and to help us to remember to approach these relics as if we were a small child. I immediately thought of a Bible verse where Jesus said

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

 After this ritual you walked around the table viewing the relics.

Lastly, you have the option to have a blessing performed. This process consists of you kneeling or standing while one of the priests places a stupa on your crown chakra area of your head. The stupa is a small bell like device that contains a relic of the Shakyamuni Buddha in it. I personally felt warm reiki like energy flowing from the hands and device when it was placed on my head.

 All in all it was a interesting experience and it was open free to any one of any faith. I highly recommend that you take the time to experience this if you have the opportunity.

There is more information on their website. And it also contains the schedule and locations for where you can experience this for yourself.

Most of us do not pay attention to the simple words “ I AM”. We use it everyday to express ourselves. Most often with a negative consequences. What I AM about to show you is a way to use this to create change in your life that you can control.

This exciting cd that I purchased is called The Moses Code Frequency Meditation. This meditation combines Germatia with the name of God that was given to Moses: I AM THAT I AM to create a binural frequency. The frequency and sounds are amazing and help induce a deep meditative state.

Initially I only meditated with the music alone. And even then I had a unique experience. My hands and heart chakra began to pulse with energy. I am familiar to feeling the flow of Reiki energy, but this was supercharging my energy.

Then I added the mantra of I AM THAT I AM and I discovered that you can use this meditation for creating change.

Here is a simple how to guide.

First find a quiet and comfortable space for meditating and begin playing the meditation track. Personally I use head phones, but whatever works for you.

Second breathe in and mentally say “I AM”.

Next breathe out and mentally or verbally say “I AM ____”, fill in the blank with the change that you desire.

Last but not least add emotion to the meditation. The first three steps provide the intention and focus (which I like to think of as the vehicle). Adding the emotion fuels that vehicle. Mentally ask yourself how this change will make you feel. Will it be happiness, relief, peace of mind? Whatever it may be use this emotion to fuel your meditation and give it the energy to create.

Continue this cycle of breathing in and out and repeating the mantra for the duration of the track. I have found the mantra also helps with keeping the mind focused on the meditation.

Do this once or twice a day for as long as you like. Its really that simple.

Give it a try and please comment with the changes that you have created in your life. I would love to here your stories.

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.  What is this blog all about?  Well lets start with the basics.

The dictionary defines a novice as

a person who is new to the circumstances, work, etc., in which he or she is placed; beginner

And a spiritualist as

a person who is concerned with or insists on the spiritual side of things.

Hence the name of my blog.  It is my sincerest intent that the spiritual lessons I have learned will benefit others as much or greater than they have benefitted me.  Being a novice myself, my desire is to explore the same questions and feelings that you are experiencing, and learning from each others understandings and insights.

By now you’re wondering who is this guy.  I am first and foremost a husband of a lovely lady for 15 years now (and counting) and an earthly father of two great kids.  By trade, I am an engineer.  This will explain my analytical approach to everything (please forgive).  Spiritually speaking, I am a Reiki master (although I dislike the term “master”) and I have been studying various religions and philosophies since my college days. Mostly its been just a hobby of sorts, but recently it has become more earnest and sincere.  I feel that everyone comes to a point in their lives when they begin to seek the truth, only to find that the answers were not where they expected them to be.  For me, I am still searching but some things have become much clearer.

I will spend the majority of this blog going over and reviewing books, guided meditations, and classes that I have or are taking.  I welcome questions and insights on all that I post.


Thanks for reading,